PG Diploma in Career Counselling and Guidance

PG Diploma in Career Counselling and Guidance: ONLINE COURSE

ICS ROLE:        Content, Delivery, Evaluation for PG Diploma with Classroom lectures
AMITY ROLE:  Monitoring & Evaluation, PG Diploma, some classroom Lectures
IKAN ROLE:     Developing secure online platform for enhanced learning with the following features

  • Attractive user interface and user experience
  • Platform independent and responsive
  • Developing features for tests
  • Dashboard analytics accessible to both ICS and Amity with ‘Assign privilege’ option
  • Candidate’s account and user management interface
  • Collaboration tools- trainer to learner/ learner to learner
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Options to customize
  • Third party integration (eg google drive, youtubeetc)
  • Webinar
  • FAQs
  • Q&A
  • Updates and Alerts
  • Gallery
  • Videos

Registration:  Online form and payment with eligibilities to be verified and appropriate automated replies
Self-evaluation: Self-evaluation - 5-10 objective type tests with report
Modules & Units:

  • Modules with 1 to 7 units in each Module to be delivered as reading content
  • Each unit to have a max and min time for completing
  • Objective type test to be cleared after each unit to go to next unit
  • Credits of each Unit to be accumulated to candidates account

Video Recorded Lectures:

  • Lecture duration - 45mins
  • Mock Q&A - 15 mins
  • No. of lectures – 5 (One lecture after 2 to 3 modules completed)

Case studies:

  • Reading content with objective type answer

Practical sessions:

  • To be organised by ICS at different locations which can have online registration

Final exam:

  • Online after completing all of the above (objective & subjective)

Award of PG Diploma:

  • Online certificate to be provided with digital signature (Physical copy will also be sent by courier to candidates by ICS)